Having found each other through the echolocation of their own loud, persistent chatter, Glenn Beck and Vince Vaughn have teamed for a nine-episode reality series dubbed Pursuit Of The Truth—as when it comes to getting to the truth of things, nothing beats Glenn Beck, the fast-talking guy from Wedding Crashers, and reality television. Beck made the announcement today on his radio show, acknowledging the unlikelihood of his getting together with Vaughn: "That should make everybody’s head spin. What the hell is Vince Vaughn doing with a crazy man? I know, that’s what my friends say. 'Glenn, what are you doing with the crazy man Vince Vaughn?" Beck said of his gently chiding best pal, a drawing of Thomas Paine giving him the thumbs-up that's been stuffed inside the seat of a pair of 1791 Jeans.

Despite that ol' son of a gun Tommy Jeans' good-natured ribbings, Beck and Vaughn are already taking applications from amateur filmmakers who wish to compete for financing and distribution for their documentary, with their bid to have their life's work receive the seal of credibility from Glenn Beck and Vince Vaughn forming the basis of the series on Beck's Dish Network-based channel, TheBlazeTV. And while it still seems like a strange pairing, consider that Vince Vaughn once starred in Swingers, in which he asserted that things were "money"—an explicit endorsement of the capitalism Beck fights for every single day. Consider also that George Soros was not in Swingers. It all makes sense if you just look at the chalkboard.