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Glen Mazzara and Len Wiseman are developing a Sin City TV reboot

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

The two Sin City movies are as thorough as any adaptation could ever hope to be, right down to the objectification of women and the weirdo art style. So it’s surprising that anyone could think that it’s possible to bring a “fresh take” to the series. Still, that’s what The Shield and Walking Dead veteran Glen Mazzara is planning to do, with Deadline reporting that he’s teaming up with Len Wiseman (director of the Underworld series of films) to develop a new Sin City TV series that will “hew closely” to Frank Miller’s original graphic novels and somehow offer a “fresh take” on the material. Apparently, the series will be a “far departure” from the movies, and will introduce new characters and stories to the Sin City universe, all while still attempting to “hew closely” to the books.

Way back in 2013, The Weinstein Company floated the idea of reviving Sin City as a TV series, but this is the first actual movement on that project. For now, Mazzara and Wiseman are simply developing the TV adaptation in hopes of shopping it around to TV networks, but none of that is happening just yet.


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