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Illustration for article titled emGlee /emthrows a legal slushy in Jonathan Coultons face, says he should be happy it ripped off his cover

After airing its rip-off of Jonathan Coulton’s version of “Baby Got Back” last night, Glee has finally responded to the singer-songwriter. In a very non-Gleek-friendly response, reps for the show apparently told Coulton “they’re within their legal rights to do this”—which is true—and that the singer should just be happy with the exposure. Though, as Coulton points out, they don’t credit him anywhere in the show or on the song, so it’s “secret exposure.”


Glee also didn’t apologize or offer to credit or pay Coulton, and basically reiterated that “this was their general policy in regards to covers of covers”—something which the show has done quite a few of, actually, albeit usually to a little less fanfare. So, Glee sort of just threw a big, fat slushy in Jonathan Coulton’s face, told him to lick it up, and said he should be happy that their big, popular, jock of a network even noticed him at all.

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