Glee may be headed for the big screen (but probably not), but as a reality show, it's officially a wash. Says Vulture, plans for a previously announced, American Idol-style competition show—where Glee fans would vie for one of three recurring roles on the regular series' upcoming second season—have been quietly allowed to lapse by Fox now that Glee has blown up and doesn't really need the extra hype (or, potentially, the overkill, seeing as how those Glee kids are clogging up everything from the Billboard charts to concert venues to the White House).

The good news? The show's co-creator and -writer Ryan Murphy intends to pick a few lucky contestants from the reality show's online casting competition to appear and sing on Glee—perhaps guest-starring as a blind, bipolar, hypoglycemic, quadriplegic, narcoleptic, lactose-intolerant leper with a heart (and pipes) of gold.