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Glee cover of Gotye song did not sufficiently rock, according to Gotye

Gotye's"Somebody That I Used To Know" achieved its current No. 1 spot no doubt thanks to last week's double exposure on Saturday Night Live and Glee, where it turned up on the latter as a duet between brothers Darren Criss and guest star Matt Bomer that was really appropriate and meaningful, so long as you didn't listen to the actual words. Nevertheless, the Belgian-Australian artist doesn't think Ryan Murphy's show did his song any favors, telling two different publications in his home country that he was not a fan of its rendition: "It was dinky and wrong," he told the Herald Sun, while also elaborating to The Sunday Mail, "The vocals were that pop Glee style—ultra dry, sounded pretty tuned and the rock has no real sense, like it's playing to you from a cardboard box." Indeed, it lacked the heft and sensible rock that one would expect from a Glee cover of a Gotye song. Anyway, Murphy has yet to respond to this rare criticism that a Glee performance came off as brittle and banal, presumably because it's one of the nicest things a pop musician has said about his show in years.

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