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Glee cast now has more hits than Elvis

The rainbows in a jar of Glee, who became factually better than The Beatles in the fall, have now officially become better than Elvis Presley—better, in fact, than any musical act to ever exist, as the cast now holds the all-time record number of singles to hit the Billboard Hot 100. In his lifetime, the former “King,” whose name now necessitates ironic quotes, landed a mere 108 singles on the charts; according to Billboard, Glee will easily clear that bar this week with 113. There are some footnotes here: For instance, Elvis’ career predates the launch of the Hot 100 in 1958, and he managed to score several hits in the two years before Billboard officially started keeping track. Also, Glee’s songs are all versions of proven hits by other artists—albeit versions imbued with the sort of passion and subtext that can only be provided by a multicultural group of teenagers who are really going through some major stuff right now. But such piddling provisos aside, all music ever is now demonstrably inferior to Glee, and history will apparently continue to bear that out for decades to come.


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