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GLAAD reports that TV is totally gay now

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation released its annual report on the number of gay characters in TV and film, and for once it had good news: This new season represents a record high of 23 gay characters on broadcast networks, representing 3.9 percent of series regulars—which is up from last year's 3 percent. Of course, that’s still not enough: GLAAD would still like to see both a black gay character and a transgender character added as regulars to the primetime lineup (Buddy cops?), and networks like CBS—who recently promised to be more sensitive to the LGBT community by bringing in some lesbian softball players—still have a ways to go before they measure up to ABC, which boasts the most gay characters of any network. (And some of the best.)  They’re still no match for HBO’s True Blood, however, which GLAAD lauded as the gayest show on TV for its “often sexually ambiguous vampires” and, let's be honest, the fact that it’s basically a never-ending man-nipple parade over there.


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