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Giving Anchorman 2 some money from your wallet might help (you see the movie two days early)

For years, Paramount Pictures has wrestled with a pressing problem: Despite the film industry's best efforts, movie tickets simply weren't expensive enough. So earlier this year, in a master stroke, they managed to sell $50 "Mega Tickets" to select screenings of World War Z, as part of a package that included a poster and digital download.

And so, in an effort to further acclimate Americans to emptying their entire bank accounts at the box office, and not simply the current contents of their wallet, Paramount is offering a Superticket for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, which allows fans to see the movie two days in advance of its December 20 release. The ticket will presumably include a similar amount of swag, though details are so far reserved for fans who register at the Anchorman website in advance of the November 26 on-sale date. While the "super" part of the ticket will probably similarly be limited to a poster and a digital download of the film, feel free to get your heart set on a trial-size bottle of Sex Panther—because if there's one thing a $50 movie ticket can't possibly do, it's leave you feeling disappointed.


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