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Although it was rightly lauded for David Lynch and company’s surreal, haunting visuals, Twin Peaks was just as distinctive and celebrated for its sonic accomplishments. Angelo Badalamenti’s laconic, synth-heavy score was key to contributing to the sense of dreamy surreality that underpinned the show, ranging from the inviting smoothness of the opening theme to more frenetic fever dreams like “Audrey’s Dance.”


Given the show’s planned Showtime revival (and the uptick in popularity it received after younger viewers discovered the cult classic through its availability on streaming services) it seems fitting to feature this tribute to Badalamenti’s work: The Next Peak Vol. 1, a retro synth cover of the soundtrack organized by Lucy Black of Retro Promenade. With tracks that tread the territory from faithful recreations to more experimental remixes, it’s a nice testament to the show’s enduring musical appeal. For the comparison-happy, we’ve also included a YouTube upload of Badalamenti’s original work. Just remember: The drum machines are not what they seem.

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