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You know it to be true: We all, every one of us, are now little more than a massive horde of locusts, descending on each new morsel of pop culture and gorging on it until it’s completely picked clean. “Play different audio over that trailer!” the hive mind commands. “Slow that song down 500 percent until it becomes a funereal dirge! Add that shot to a supercut!” And then we all move on. Culture has become a great ouroboros, quickly running out of tail to devour.

Here is just the latest in an endless procession of pop culture ephemera destined to be instantly consumed and left on the rust heap of history. Yes, it’s the “Brick Bowl,” a mashup of this year’s top Super Bowl commercials recreated in stop-motion Lego and strung together into a single loose narrative by U.K.-based animation studio-cum-advertising firm A+C. Look upon their works, ye mighty, and begrudgingly admit that, oh goddammit, this is actually pretty well done. Look, they got the halftime show in there and everything. And dinosaurs! Hooraaayyy! Give in to the ouroboros, Internet.


Brick Bowl from A+C Studios on Vimeo.


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