If you enjoy wearing clothes, but don’t think they sufficiently protect you from the gnarled, grasping fingers of omnipotent government forces threatening to steal your secrets and charge you with thoughtcrimes, this may be for you. The Affair, a British fashion outfit that specializes in T-shirts inspired by literature, is trying to launch a clothing line inspired by George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Naturally, it’s taken to Kickstarter, rather than accepting investment capital from within a system that works only to sublimate the human will.

The clothing itself is fairly standard, featuring things like shirts, pants, and jackets that have been cunningly renamed as Party Workshirts, Party Chinos, and Outer Party Jackets. The selling point is the presence of the UnPocket, a detachable pocket made from the latest in “stealth fabrics” that securely blocks all cell Wi-Fi, GPS, and RFID signals. This will allow wearers to tweet or text about how their new garments free them from the prying eyes of Big Brother (or Big Pharma, or Big Dairy, or whoever) before they tuck their cell phone into the UnPocket, where it will never be touched again.


[via BoingBoing]