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Here’s a quick burst of ’80s methadone to get you through the day and back home to your Alf-filled nostalgia bunker: YouTube user Matt Staggs, using pictures taken from the Internet Archive, has assembled a short video of a three-reel View-Master story, “Castle Verger,” published in 1983 and starring the characters from the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. Even though the video lacks any of the 3D effects you might have gotten by holding an actual View-Master to your increasingly haggard, age-lined face, there’s still something soothing about the gentle click moving you forward through the story, away from the damn mortgage and your damn kids and damn spouse, into a world where the biggest problems you had to face were a weirdly grinning earth elemental, or the leering attention of a spying umber hulk.

[via Laughing Squid]

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