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Give Disneyland's Evil Queen a raise

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Say what you will about Disney’s complete domination of the box-office industry, their annoying live-action remakes, and their upcoming slate of Disney+ streamables, but, goddamnit, leave the Disneyland and Disney World cast members alone. These true angels are fiercely committed to their animated counterparts, often while swaddled in pounds of accessories and makeup in the hot summer sun.

Every now and then, thanks to theme park paparazzi and eager parents, some cast members get their spotlight by way of viral fame. A few years ago, it was Gaston, who kicked a dude’s ass by way of push-ups. Then there was Pluto, who met an actual dog who was weirdly fucking stoked to meet him. This month, we can appreciate this Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, who makes absolute magic with a mirror gifted to her by a tourist.

Mirror in hand, the Queen pulls a Carrot Top and immediately begins improvising, pontificating on her beauty while demanding compliments from her gift presenter. For roughly 12 minutes, she forces attendees to bow before her while serving a fierce gaze and a deep knowledge of the source material. She nails it.


It’s a good gig, honestly, playing a character who’s justified in taking jabs at total strangers, Dream job material, for sure.

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