Offering potential respite to beleaguered men everywhere, holed up as they are in self-carved bunkers to hide from the tyranny of Lena Dunham’s naked chest, The Hollywood Reporter is suggesting that Girls will soon be ending its self-involved reign of terror. Although neither HBO, nor producers Dunham and Judd Apatow, have gone on the record, sources have apparently confirmed that Hannah Horvath’s journey toward maturity or happiness or whatever will conclude at the end of the show’s sixth season, which will presumably air some time in 2017.

The news comes just a few weeks before the show’s fifth season premieres on February 21, giving Dunham and her producers 20 or so episodes to finally figure out what Hannah and her friends want out of life, and then invent increasingly unpleasant ways for them to deny themselves access to it. Meanwhile, men everywhere can slowly prepare to emerge from their warrens, confident in their long-sought victory over yet another project in which Adam Driver plays a whiny man-child who spreads pointless destruction everywhere he goes.