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Girls prompts one last backlash, for old times’ sake


[Fair warning: The following Newswire reveals key plot details from the series finale of Girls, so don’t read it if you aren’t caught up and care about spoilers. Thanks.]

HBO’s Girls was popular, critically acclaimed, and virulently hated by a vocal online contingent of indeterminate size. So, naturally, even though its story is over and the people who didn’t like it never have to hear about it again, Girls is still making people angry. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, some people are calling out the show over the infant actor who played Lena Dunham’s character’s baby—which she named Grover—in the finale. Social-media users expressed their confusion over the baby’s skin color, which seemed unrealistic given that his fictional parents were supposed to be Dunham and Riz Ahmed. They also expressed disappointment that the show, which has always had a spotty record in terms of racial issues, failed to address the race of Hannah’s child.


This is just one backlash too many for executive producer Jenni Konner, though. Konner has released a statement to the Associated Press saying she’s “going to gracefully bow out of the last controversy hopefully we will ever have about Girls,” adding that she “won’t even dignify it” because it is “ridiculous.” Still, she’s happy that the “general consensus” about the finale was “pretty positive,” even if it did come after years of people attacking the show whenever they could.

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