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Girls' Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner are developing an HBO show about way more privileged women in New York

Having endured endless complaints about their fascination with the frivolous lives of privileged women in New York City, Girls co-showrunners Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner are developing another HBO comedy about a personal shopper to Manhattan’s elite, so everyone can see what privilege really is. Deadline reports that Dunham and Konner have sold the network on a series based on All Dressed Up And Everywhere To Go, the memoir by saucy personal shopper and celebrity confidante Betty Halbreich, who’s dressed everyone from Meryl Streep to Sarah Jessica Parker to Katie Couric over nearly four decades in the buying-stuff-and-saying-sassy-things business.

Halbreich has even sort-of had HBO experience before, having parlayed her work on Woody Allen’s early films into helping to “design the signature look of Sex And The City” (thus bringing HBO one step closer to just remaking that show already). Also potentially helping to deflect criticism, Dunham and Konner would only be writing this new show, presumably for whichever slightly older actress steps in to play the dramatically aged-down stand-in for the 85-year-old Halbreich. But by creating a companion that focuses on even richer, even more self-absorbed New York women, maybe it'll put Girls in perspective and everyone will get off their backs a little.


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