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Illustration for article titled emGirls/em is probably getting a third season, even if HBO wont just come right out and say what theyre thinking

Although you likely already assumed this, it looks as though HBO's Girls is well on its way to getting a third season pick-up—a growing suspicion reinforced in recent days through comments made by executive producer Judd Apatow, this Deadline report regarding renewed negotiations with co-showrunner Jenni Konner, and the recent discovery of a new species of giant worm some 1200 meters beneath sea level who has some very strong opinions about whether Lena Dunham is overrated. That argument seems likely to continue for a while longer, with Apatow saying in a recent interview that they're "about to shoot" Girls' third season, presumably sometime after season two returns on January 13 and HBO—who's been as coy and noncommittal about it as a twentysomething just trying to figure out their life right now—gets around to making it official. For what it's worth, the network has said, "We're looking forward to the launch of season two and hope to have good news shortly thereafter," and meanwhile the rest of us are like what does that mean, and then we decide, oh well, we're just gonna go to this loft party and try to forget about them for a while.


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