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Like all TV shows making the slow evolution from pupa to larva, Girls has entered the “lots of guest stars” phase of its life cycle, as evidenced by its prior casting of Gillian Jacobs and Marc Maron and today’s news that Zachary Quinto will be joining the show for what sounds like just one episode in the show’s upcoming fourth season. TV Line has more on what Quinto will be up to, which pretty much boils down to “he will be wearing an apron.” But go read that if you’re curious.


Quinto is best known for playing Spock in the new Star Trek movies, as well as his occasional contributions to the American Horror Story franchise and the fact that he was never able to get out of his Heroes contract, even after it was long past apparent Sylar should have died ages ago. Here’s hoping he’s in character as Sylar on Girls, because an encounter with a telekinetic superhero who gains powers by eating other superheroes’ brains (or something, we can’t remember) seems like just the sort of thing Hannah Horvath could turn into a humorous essay for her next collection.

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