In what promises to replicate the experience of being a twentysomething ambling around the less desirable boroughs of New York, trapped in a go-nowhere journey of your own devising, a Girls bus tour may be coming to Brooklyn. On Locations Tours, which has previously catered to fans of HBO shows like The Sopranos and Sex And The City, is currently working on a similar route set among the locations frequented by Lena Dunham and Co., in their stories illustrating how these locations aren’t really all that great. Among them are the Greenpoint coffeehouse Café Grumpy—where tourists can “hop off” and be served by a genuine surly barista, just like on the show!—as well as “a Bushwick warehouse where Shoshanna accidentally smokes crack,” where tourists presumably won’t be doing that.

As On Locations president Georgette Blau openly admits, “The locations aren't exactly glamorous. But they’re authentic”—just like Girls. (Or, the marketing concept of Girls.) Indeed, the tour would be so “authentic,” Blau optimistically adds, “I hope that hipsters would embrace it,” encouraging those actual Greenpoint-area residents to welcome the chance to become the shabby peacocks spotted along the Girls tourist safari. On Locations hopes to have the tour up and running by this summer. In the meantime, you can still walk around Brooklyn looking at shitty apartments for free.