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Girl who sent photo of Nicolas Cage as her job application illustrates importance of not doing that

Nicolas Cage can be used as a lot of things—a symbol of nature's eternal mystery, a conduit for shamanic energy, a particularly unreliable and occasionally disquieting paperweight—yet we have not, regrettably, reached the stage where Nicolas Cage is accepted as your professional résumé. A 20-year-old Canadian named Vanessa Hodja was reminded of this unfortunate, banal aspect of our existence when she accidentally applied for an administrative assistant position by sending her prospective employer a photo of Cage instead of her CV.

Of course, Hodja—a self-described "fucking weirdo" whose Tumblr includes a section titled "The Answer Is Nicolas Cage"—could be lying about sending a photo of a crazy Nicolas Cage as her job application, as so many of our Internet fame-hungry youngsters are wont to do these days. Yet even if she is, this incident still illustrates an important lesson for others like Hodja who are entering this difficult job market: A photo of Nicolas Cage is, sadly, still not a substitute for a properly formatted résumé, and also don't include your cover letter as an attachment. Just put it in the body of your email already, so people can just read it right there. And then include a photo of Nicolas Cage, so they know you're progressive. [Uproxx via Gawker]


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