Did you hear there’s a new Girl Talk album available for download? Of course you did, because the Internet has been yammering about it all week! Part of the fun of a new offering from the mash-up master—mashter?—is picking out all the elements that go into the aural porridge. But considering that All Day is composed of around 250 musical bits and pieces, even the most dedicated audiophiles will probably end up scratching their heads trying to decode all the samples. You could click on over to the album’s Wikipedia page, which lists them all in order, but the Internet has come up with a more interactive option: AllDaySamples.Com, which plays through the entire album with pop-up text boxes that list the samples as the occur. Once you’ve made your way through All Day, you can click on over to FeedTheAnimalsSamples.Com, which gives the same treatment to Girl Talk’s last album. [h/t Pitchfork.]