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Girl Meets World picked up for another season of pretending Boy Meets World never ended

Illustration for article titled iGirl Meets World/i picked up for another season of pretending iBoy Meets World/i never ended

Girl Meets World is a pretty bizarre show for a Disney Channel original. For one, it spends a substantial amount of time away from its main characters, Cory and Topanga, in favor of some girl and her friends. Also, the show is called Girl Meets World, when it should be called Boy Meets World. That would make it easier to continue fooling ourselves into thinking that the things we enjoyed when we were younger will never leave us and that we’ll never have to grow up and confront the ever-encroaching specter of death. So let’s all just plug our ears and hum our preferred Boy Meets World theme song as we pretend that we’ll live forever. We choose this one.


Anyway, time’s cruel march goes on, and just as we must someday step aside for the next generation, so to must Cory and Topanga. Their show is over. Their daughter’s show, on the other hand, just got another season. This comes via TV Line, which reports that Girl Meets World has managed to pull in crazy ratings since it premiered in June, quickly becoming the number one show for kids from ages 2-14. This is especially notable because the vast majority of those kids weren’t even alive when Boy Meets World was still on, so it’s not like they have some kind of nostalgic fondness for the Matthews family. That either means the show is good enough to transcend its spin-off label, or it means that the nation’s parents have just gotten better at forcing their kids to like what they like.

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