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Girl meets world in literal fashion in Girl Meets World poster

Disney Channel has yet to announce a premiere date for Girl Meets World, forever procrastinating the assignment of a calendar date to the twin pinnacles of the ’90s nostalgia movement and this reporter’s career in TV criticism. Instead, the network continues its campaign to tease out details about the show through extremely brief video clips and decontextualized promotional images—like the extremely non-informational poster below. Set to glare unflinchingly at the nation’s commuters and readers of magazines in dentists’ offices—where August Maturo’s silent “Oh, brother!” incredulousness is prompted by your stubborn refusal to floss—the poster finds star Rowan Blanchard not merely meeting world, but holding it aloft as if it were some sort of celestial beachball. While Blanchard plays “Look, Ma! My hand is the fox in the Mozilla Firefox logo!”, the supporting cast looks on from behind a comically tall brick wall, smiling through young Riley Matthews’ latest attempt to prove that she’s mature enough to hold the entirety of Earthly creation in the palm of her right, akwardly Photoshopped hand.

Also, since Disney’s so reticent with the Girl Meets World details, we’re just going ahead and assuming no one behind that wall is wearing pants.


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