Sneaky Pete has found its Sneaky Pete. Giovanni Ribisi will star in the CBS drama pilot, produced by Bryan Cranston and House creator David Shore. The show follows a con man who, upon his release from prison, steals the identity of his cellmate to hide out from everyone to whom he owes money. He ends up starting a new life with is cellmate’s cousins Julia (The Slap’s Marin Ireland), a single mother running a bail bond business, and Carly (Parenthood’s Libe Barer), who is “always looking for trouble and finding it.” The duo, who are savvy enough to run a bail bonds business but not savvy enough to recognize their own first cousin, help Pete capture criminals worse than himself, because it wouldn’t be CBS if there wasn’t a case of the week.

The cast also includes veteran character actors Margo Martindale and Peter Gerety as the parents of the two sisters who, again, run a bail bonds business, deal with hardened criminals on a daily basis, but don’t have the detective skills to identify their own nephew.