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Giorgio Moroder discovers Soundcloud, uploads rarities, hits, and oldies

This month, dance and disco legend Giorgio Moroder discovered Soundcloud. Fortunately for fans of the 72-year-old composer, producer, and musician, he has uploaded dozens of tracks from his prolific and long-lasting career to the music-sharing site. In fact, he put up so many songs that he has three different accounts to hold them all.

Moroder is known for a multitude of collaborations with artists ranging from Donna Summer to Freddie Mercury. He has worked on various soundtracks, providing Academy Award-winning original scores and songs to films like Flashdance, Top Gun, and Midnight Express. This year, Moroder is allegedly working with Daft Punk on its new album. He has also expressed interest in potentially working with Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.


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