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Two seasons after airing a backdoor pilot for it on the show’s parent series, Suits—which continues to not be about the whimsical adventures of living laundry in a magical drycleaner’s, unfortunately—Gina Torres’ spin-off show Pearson is finally ready to make its way to the USA airwaves. Centered on the character of Jessica Pearson—the tough-but-fair lawyer that Joss Whedon alum Torres played for seven seasons on the original series—the show will see her descend into the world of Chicago politics, the sort of dirty world where not even Sudsie The Talking Soap Bubble can get out all the stains, and okay, okay, we’ll stop with the talking laundromat thing.

A now-nine-season USA legal drama that is also, incidentally, the only proven route for American commoners angling to become members of the British royal family—still holding out hope for you, Gabriel Macht!—Suits will debut its 10-episode final season on July 17. Pearson debuts the same night, re-introducing Gina Torres’ veteran (and now disbarred) lawyer to audiences, and re-introducing the rest of us to conversations about how dang good Gina Torres is in pretty much everything that she does.


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