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Yesterday, one of the many guys who is famous for dying on Game Of Thrones joined the cast of Disney+’s The Mandalorian, with Pedro Pascal set to play the “lead” in the streaming series—though we don’t know if that means he’s the eponymous non-Boba Fett that we’ve seen in the teaser image. Now, we know at least one person who will be joining Pascal in the show, with Variety reporting that Gina Carano from Deadpool (and some things that aren’t as good as Deadpool) will also pop up in the show as a secret character. We don’t know anything about who Carano will be playing, both because Disney isn’t going to give any information about Jon Favreau’s Star Wars show until it absolutely has to and because The Mandalorian takes place in a relatively unexplored section of the modern Star Wars timeline (post-Return Of The Jedi and pre-The Force Awakens).


Now that we think about it, though, Boba Fett was a clone and his dad was deeply involved in some cloning shenanigans, so maybe Gina Carano will be a clone of Boba Fett? And maybe Pedro Pascal is a different clone of Boba Fett?Maybe Werner Herzog is old Boba Fett? Maybe we’re all a clone of Boba Fett, and that’s why we all look so cool in armor?

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