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Gina Carano, T.J. Miller, and Piotr Rasputin join the Deadpool movie

Ryan Reynolds’ long-in-the-works Deadpool movie already has a Ryan Reynolds and a sepia-toned version of a mask, so now it’s time to start filling out the supporting cast a little bit. Well, assuming a Deadpool movie even needs a supporting cast at all. Most Deadpool fans would just be happy with two hours of Ryan Reynolds shooting people with constant asides where he makes some meta-quip about all of the people he’s shooting in the movie. Something like, “Whoa, I sure I am shooting a lot of guys. Why don’t you go out to the theater lobby and get a CHIMICHANGA?” See, kids, Deadpool’s favorite food is chimichangas.

Anyway, back to that supporting cast. First, Fast & Furious 6’s Gina Carano will play the mutant known as Angel Dust. In the comics, Angel Dust is a member of The Morlocks, a (literally) underground mutant team. Her power involves bursts of adrenaline that give her super strength—just like what happens when do drugs. Kids, don’t do drugs.


Silicon Valley’s T.J. Miller will join her in what The Hollywood Reporter refers to as “an undisclosed role.” It does say that he’ll “bring comedic relief,” though, which makes us think that THR doesn’t really get the Deadpool character. We’re terrified to imagine a movie about him that requires an entirely different person to be the comedic relief, since that’s basically all he does. It would be like hiring Rob Schneider to walk around and tell jokes in the middle of an Adam Sandler movie.

Finally, Russian mutant Piotr Nikolalevitch Rasputin—who, unlike the other two, is entirely fictional—will also be showing up in some capacity. Better known as Colossus, he’s the guy who can turn his skin into metal. THR doesn’t know who will be playing him, or what his role will be in the story, but we think it’s a safe bet that at some point he’ll turn his skin into metal. Also, he’ll talk in a heavy Russian accent, wear as little pants as possible, and maybe even pick somebody up and throw them at a bad guy. We’re actually crossing our fingers that T.J. Miller’s mystery character is Colossus. He just has to get super buff and Russian.

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