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Gilmore Girls creator to set up shop at HBO

Veteran TV writer and show-runner Amy Sherman-Palladino, best known for the long-running Gilmore Girls, tends to divide viewers into two camps: Those who adore her snappy, caffeinated, hyper-literate dialogue and those who are wrong for hating it. Following the brief and ignominious run of her first post-Gilmore Girls series, FOX’s The Return Of Jezebel James, Sherman-Palladino has dusted herself off and is returning with a new, as-yet-untitled series for HBO. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the series will get back to the frisky mother-child relationship that illuminated Gilmore Girls (not to mention Roseanne, for which she served as an Emmy-nominated writer during its third season). The setup concerns three adult sisters and authors struggling to live up to the impossible standard set by their “literary lioness” mother, who favors their unaccomplished brother. Based on that description, fan and detractors alike will know pretty much exactly what to expect.


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