ABC’s main source of inspiration for its next pilot season appears to be its Netflix account, as the network follows the morning’s news of a possible series based on The Lincoln Lawyer by announcing it’s also developing a show based on The Nanny Diaries with the help of Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. Though, to be fair, Sherman-Palladino’s script will draw directly from the 2002 bestseller rather than the 2007 movie adaptation, which banked on a deglamorized Scarlett Johannson’s appeal as a comedienne and took in $35 million for the gamble. Like the book, the show will satirize upper-crust Manhattanites as seen through the group of young women who are tasked with handling their awful, awful children. Given Sherman-Palladino’s clever way with exploring the lives of wealthy WASPs in Gilmore Girls, she seems well-suited to this particular world. Of course, The Return Of Jezebel James also sounded right up her alley, and here we are. But perhaps this time America will take to a comedy about surrogate motherhood, as long as it's only in a metaphorical sense.