More than a year after its final episode aired on the now-defunct Yahoo Screen, the pain of losing Community is finally starting to fade. So when Entertainment Weekly reports today that Gillian Jacobs is stopping by her old co-star Ken Jeong’s ABC sitcom Dr. Ken, our response isn’t the thwarted rage we might have expressed when Joel McHale or Danny Pudi stopped by back in February. Instead, it’s a low, wistful burn, the kind you might get when briefly locking eyes with a former lover (or beloved-but-canceled TV show) from across a crowded room.

Jacobs will play an intern at Jeong’s hospital, who develops a flirtatious relationship with the good doctor that leaves wife Suzy Nakamura feeling threatened. (Nobody likes having their current partner’s past relationships flaunted in their face, after all.) Jacobs, meanwhile, has been keeping busy; she starred in Mike Birbiglia’s Don’t Think Twice and Netflix’s Love this year, and was recently cast with Adam DeVine in Magic Camp. (Also: Yes, you got a Community notification for this.)