Gillian Jacobs will play a recurring character in the fourth season of Girls, reports TVLine. The publication says Jacobs will first appear in episode five and is apparently playing a character named “Mimi-Rose.” (Fittingly, episode five is also called “Mimi-Rose,” and maybe the show will just be all about Gillian Jacobs doing stuff now?) Jacobs is the first cast member of Community to score a major role in the aftermath of that series’ cancellation, and she’s, oddly enough, the second Community cast member to appear on Girls, after Donald Glover’s two-episode stint back in season two. Should Community somehow find itself resurrected—however unlikely that may be—Jacobs would theoretically still be free to continue to play Britta on that show, as Girls’ shooting schedule shouldn’t overlap much with any potential sixth season filming. But, really, this is just the first of many Newswires on Community cast members finding other work. Stay tuned for the next several months, in which we hope to report on Alison Brie popping up on Scandal as Republican operative Jessica Turlington, Yvette Nicole Brown playing a mommy blogger who moonlights as a deadly hacker on Person Of Interest, and Jim Rash and Danny Pudi in character as Dean Pelton and Abed making up the cast of True Detective, season two.