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CBS All Access’ Twilight Zone revival is coming back later this year, and while it would spoil the fun to reveal what every episode of the next 10-episode season will be about, CBS is more than happy to tell you about some of the famous people that will be there, dealing with fortune teller machines, losing their glasses in the apocalypse, and landing on an alien planet that is actually Earth (and they were the aliens all along). CBS also did us the favor of giving episode titles for where these famous people will appear, in case you really don’t like Chris Meloni for some reason and want to skip his episode (you monster).

“In no particular order,” here are are six of the upcoming 10 episodes, along with stars and writers.


“Downtime,” starring Morena Baccarin, Colman Domingo, and Tony Hale, written by Jordan Peele (he’s the executive producer and narrator guy!).

“The Who Of You,” starring Daniel Sunjata, Ethan Embry, and Billy Porter, written by Win Rosenfeld.

“A Human Face,” starring Jenna Elfman, Chris Meloni (there he is!), and Tavi Gevinson, written by Alex Rubens.

“8,” starring Joel McHale and written by Glen Morgan.

“Among The Untrodden,” starring Abbie Hern and Sophia Macy (the press release says “introducing,” so you probably don’t know them), and written by Heater Anne Campbell.


“Meet In The Middle,” based on that song from the Target commercials (we assume), starring Jimmi Simpson and Gillian Jacobs. Written by Emily C. Chang and Sarah Amini.

So that’s not every episode and we don’t know anything else about them, but here’s the big takeaway: CBS got Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs to do the new Twilight Zone, but they’re not in the same damn episode? It could’ve been a Community reunion! They could’ve been in an episode where someone wishes on a monkey’s paw for another season of their favorite show, but then the show turns bad! Spooky!


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