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In the history of cinema, there have been two types of literary adaptations. Movies where the book's author was allowed to closely supervise the writing of the script, making sure nothing deviated from their authorial vision (the Harry Potter series); and movies where a screenwriter or director took liberties with the source material, enraging the author and turning them against film adaptations forever (all of the other movies based on books).

So it's a fairly surprising turn of evens that David Fincher is tearing up the ending of Gone Girl for his forthcoming adaptation, with the help of none other than the book's author, Gillian Flynn. Flynn told Entertainment Weekly this week that she "threw that third act out and started from scratch," tearing up the book's controversial ending, and handing Fincher an entirely new resolution. Will fans buy into this new twist? Is Gone Girl the same story if it no longer has the same conclusion? Whatever the reaction when the film bows in October, in this case, the author will have no one to blame but herself.


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