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Gillian Anderson says she’d also like to be James Bond

The X-Files

Nearly every actor in the world (especially if they’re British) loves to be asked if they’d be willing to play James Bond. It doesn’t even have to be a formal interview, either. If a fan runs up to a celebrity on the street and asks if they’d like to star in a Bond movie, very few people in the history of acting would say anything but “Yes, that would be so exciting.” In fact, the only person who doesn’t want to play James Bond is current James Bond Daniel Craig, who recently turned down a huge payday to star in two more movies as the super-spy.

Idris Elba’s name is the one that pops up the most in discussions about who should play Bond next, with Hugh Jackman throwing himself into the running for some reason last year as well, but now a new challenger has entered the ring: Gillian Anderson. The former (current?) X-Files star recently tweeted a poster photoshopped by an unknown fan with the caption “It’s Bond. Jane Bond” and the hashtag “#NextBond.”


It seems clear that she’s just “having a bit of laugh” as the English would say, but there’s still a chance the internet could get so hyped up about this that MGM would seriously consider it (for five seconds before ultimately going with another white guy).

[via The Guardian]

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