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Gillian Anderson is here to talk about shagging in this trailer for Netflix's Sex Education

Why do British people have a playful, somewhat inoffensive word for having sex while we’re stuck with old euphemisms like “doing it” or “sleeping together” here in America? We only ask because the word “shagging” is all over this trailer for Sex Education, Netflix’s English teen drama series about some English teens who are very interested in the general concept of doing it, and we—as boorish Americans who say things like “doing it”—are concerned that we can’t really get away with using the term “shagging.”


Anyway, the show is about an awkward kid (Asa Butterfield) whose mother (Gillian Anderson) is a sex therapist. Despite the fact that Asa Butterfield doesn’t have any shag experience of his own, he apparently utilizes some lessons he’s picked up from his mother to became a sex therapist for his classmates. That makes it sound weirder than this trailer does, but maybe that’s why Netflix doesn’t come to us to make trailer for its teen shag shows.

Sex Education will hit Netflix on January 11.

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