Photo: Fox

Now that Carrie Fisher has drowned in moonlight, Gillian Anderson is pop culture’s preeminent patron saint of not giving a fuck. (Google “Gillian Anderson middle finger” or “Scully eye roll” sometime, if you haven’t already. It’s fun.) And Anderson, having dug around in her purse for a while and found nary a fuck in there—not even way down in the bottom under her wallet and keys—was characteristically candid about the all-male writers’ room that’s been hired for the upcoming 11th season of The X-Files.

In response to an article in yesterday’s Washington Post entitled, “The X-Files’ writers room reportedly has hired only men. How does this still happen?,” Anderson took to Twitter—the preferred platform of the chronically fuck-deficient—to say that she would also like to see equal representation for female nerds among the crew of sweaty weirdos that bring Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to life.


“I too look forward to the day when the numbers are different,” she said, after pointing out that only two of the series’ 207 episodes were directed by women. (Those would be Season 9, Episode 7, “John Doe,” directed by Michelle MacLaren, and Season 7, Episode 17, “All Things,” directed by Anderson herself.) She didn’t add a nail polish emoji to the end of the tweet, but that’s because she didn’t need to. She’s Gillian Anderson. The nail polish is implied.