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Gilliam to tilt at windmills again

Because he's a man with an irrepressible vision—or possibly just a glutton for punishment—director Terry Gilliam has revived The Man Who Killed Don Quixote seven years after his original production flamed out in a spectacular way. Gilliam first attempted to do Quixote on a tighter budget than he wanted, and the project was beset by one mishap after another, including a 70-year-old star (Jean Rochefort) who suffered a double hernia and couldn't continue, and a flash flood that wiped out the set. When the plug was pulled, the insurance company paid out $15 million and took control of the script. (The whole mess is accounted for in the excellent documentary Lost In La Mancha.) Now, aided by the considerable leverage of co-star Johnny Depp coming off the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies, Gilliam has an unexpected lease on life. No matter what happens, another great behind-the-scenes featurette awaits.

(Hat tip: Vulture)


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