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According to Variety, Warner Bros. and Atlas Entertainment are teaming up to make a Gilligan’s Island movie. Charles Roven, who will produce for Atlas along with Richard Suckle, was quoted as saying, “The characters are so good.  We think it's going to be a great story to transport these cultural icons to the modern day." If they update the story how is the coconut radio going to look when all the characters have cell phones?

Roven’s producing credits include both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  Brad Copeland is writing the screenplay.  His credits include Wild Hogs.  Making a joke about that feels pointless.

The show’s original producer, Sherwood Schwartz will executive produce along with his son Lloyd Schwartz. While there has been no word about the cast yet, Sherwood said in an interview that he was interested in casting Micheal Cera as Gilligan. Adorable and/or annoying indie version of the theme song sure to follow.  


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