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Gidget coming back to movies and TV

Because every generation needs a surfer girl role model whose wacky escapades mirror their own, the producers behind Sabrina The Teenage Witch and (oddly enough) 300 producer Mark Canton are teaming up to revive Gidget for film and TV. The original Gidget grew out of her eponymous 1957 novel and became an indomitable pluck machine, spawning movies, TV shows, and the careers of Sandra Dee and Sally Field. She hasn’t been seen on screen since 1987’s ill-advised The New Gidget, but in the meantime, the character has become a worldwide lifestyle brand that includes clothes, sports equipment, and a surfing school—and with “female surfing exploding across the globe,” apparently, “the time is right to bring her back in a major way.” The modern Gidget will once again be targeted primarily at the younguns, but will also tackle “contemporary issues.” So a solution to the Gulf oil spill crisis may finally be on the way.


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