Screenshot: Vimeo

As a political ideology, Trumpism is repulsive; as an aesthetic, it’s absurd. Since his unlikely election, Trump has held a long series of meetings in Trump tower, lending our newspapers an almost postmodern architectural opulence: It’s hard to imagine Steve Bannon standing anywhere besides within a gilded golden elevator at this point. It’s a poor man’s idea of how a rich man might live. The garish, overwrought Trump “house style” somehow splits the difference between the mansion in Scarface and a little boy’s notebook doodles.

Sci-fi directors are already having fun skewering it. Shortly after the election, District 9 director Neill Blomkamp began satirizing the cartoonishness of Trumpian pomposity in a series of lo-fi Instagram posts, imagining the sort of renovations Trump might make to the presidential motorcade and Air Force One. Now Uruguayan director Ale Damiani has taken on Trump’s proposal to build a wall and deport massive quantities of immigrants in a short film on Vimeo.


M.A.M.O.N. - Latinos VS. Donald Trump / Ale Damiani from Taxi Films on Vimeo.

Damiani’s got a good hand at special effects, seamlessly juxtaposing a small band of displaced people against a massive wall and an even more massive Trumpbot, whose skeuomorphic absurdity looks like something out of Smash TV. While a gigantic walking robot is not a feasible weapon for our president-elect in his war against immigrants, neither is building a fucking wall and charging Mexico for it, so maybe this is all a little less far-fetched than it seems.


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