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In what can be considered a spoiler if you are living your life incorrectly, Giancarlo Esposito has been telling E! that "there has been talk" about bad-ass chicken boss Gus Fring returning to Breaking Bad in some capacity, despite having exploded. While being exploded is typically a hindrance to a character's future, Esposito believes there is still a way, specifically saying, "I want to come back in Walt's dream and haunt him"—surely one of the several ideas he says are currently "floating around" for bringing Fring back, before the show concludes next summer. Other ideas may or may not include Walt suddenly discovering Fring in the shower, awaking from a nightmare to reveal that he was married to Fring all along, discovering that the entire show is just the dream of Walt Jr. as he stares into a snowglobe resembling Fring's eye socket, or maybe some other obvious allusion to a classic TV twist.


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