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Ghostfellas promises to combine America's twin loves of the paranormal and Italian people

As an example of the endless parade of Italian-American stereotypes he is offered the opportunity to play, comedian and actor Anthony Devito recently posted a casting notice for Ghostfellas, a potential reality show that actually exists. If as far back as you can remember, you’ve always wanted to be a comically accented ghostbuster, read on:


It’s not clear whether this Ghostfellas has any relation to the pilot of the same name shot last year featuring an “intuitive” (though explicitly not psychic) Long Island detective communicating with the spirits of dead mobsters—though those would certainly seem to be the “most toughest” ghosts one could imagine, in the Tri-State area or otherwise. What is clear is that Ghostfellas will be a huge hit, as it combines two of reality television’s most successful premises: Guys stumbling around in the dark with a nightvision camera and saying, “What was that?” every few seconds, and Italian people yelling at each other. By having Italians (or “other types”) stumble around in the dark and go, “Ohhhh, what the fuck was that?” our culture will, at long last, reach its apotheosis. Indeed, if only there were some way to combine this with hoarding, it would then be broadcast across all basic-cable channels on a constant feed, and American industry would crumble into complete disrepair. So be grateful that’s not happening, we guess. [via Best Week Ever]

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