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Ghostface Killah to receive non-Ghostface Killah advice on VH1's Couples Therapy

Having already enjoyed three successful seasons proving that the couple who successfully exploits its dysfunction together, stays together, VH1’s Couples Therapy returns for a fourth season in January with a rather unexpected participant: Ghostface Killah, whose years of dispensing words of wisdom nevertheless hasn’t translated into a happy home life with girlfriend Kelsey Nykole. Ghostface will fill the show’s regular guest rapper role that’s been played in previous seasons by DMX, Too $hort, Chingy, and Flavor Flav after he saw some cameras in a semicircle, each week receiving intensive analysis that, if VH1 really wants us to watch, would just be a therapist reading Ghostface’s own advice to him, like, “Go on boat rides and shit, you do all that shit.”

As it is, the only attraction is the morbid curiosity of seeing Ghostface trying to make small talk with the likes of Jon Gosselin and Backdoor Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham—the latter appearing on Couples Therapy despite being single, suggesting she’ll finally be deciding whether to make it work or make a clean break of it with her kid. (Note to VH1: We will also watch if Ghostface tells Farrah Abraham to clean her ass.) [via Pitchfork]


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