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Ghostface Killah, Biz Markie, Fat Joe and more join MTV's hip-hop version of Hollywood Squares

Hollywood Squares—America’s favorite game show combining the thrill of playing tic-tac-toe with the excitement of seeing celebrities stacked in boxes—is coming back, and this time it’s been totally hip-hop-ified, for the streets. MTV2 has announced a May 22 launch for Hip Hop Squares, which the below promo promises will take the corny old format involving celebrities answering trivia questions with scripted patter and—RECORD SCRATCH—turn it into a “party” that still has that, but with rappers and an in-house DJ. Among those rappers, as well as those who have worked with rappers, or have occasionally been photographed with rappers, or perhaps own a rap CD: Ghostface Killah, Biz Markie, Fat Joe, Mac Miller, MGK, DJ Khaled, Nick Cannon, Kat Graham, and of course, Jackass star Bam Margera, a ringer who’s presumably on board because of his knowledge of European history or something. Anyway, this finally confirms our oft-argued assertion that Ghostface Killah is the Paul Lynde of hip-hop. Who's laughing now, senior thesis adviser???


Hip Hop Squares - MTV2

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