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Ghostface: 'I thought y'all motherfuckas loved me'

Via NY Mag: Ghostface Killah is none too pleased about the first week Sound Scan numbers for his (kickass) new album, The Big Doe Rehab. In particular, Ghostface is pissed about the disparity between his 115,000 friends on "the MySpace" and the roughly 30,000 units Rehab moved in its debut week.

"Y'all motherfuckas still downloading my shit," he says. "I thought y'all motherfuckas loved me."

During the roughly three-minute video, posted on Ghostface's MySpace page, the rapper repeatedly chides viewers, then asks they bring their copies of the CD to shows to prove they bought it. "If all y'all motherfuckas brought that CD, then we could all have a pow-wow."

"Don't front on a kid like that," he adds later.


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