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Ghostbusters will return to theaters (again)

In celebration of the film’s upcoming 30th (!) anniversary—and also to sell you things—Ghostbusters will once again return to big screens, this time on August 29. The classic comedy, which will never, ever see a third installment (maybe), will show in 700 theaters, and also be released on a special-edition Blu-ray, paired with its far-lesser sequel, Ghostbusters II. (The sequel has never been on Blu-ray before, so that goo that reacts to the emotions of New Yorkers will be clearer than ever.) The “gift set” version features both movies and some sort of Slimer/Ghostbusters logo statue that will look great on your mantelpiece, even long after the discs themselves have decayed or become obsolete. There’s also a stylish new site, complete with the greatest web technology this side of 2004—zap the Slimer! Shoot at the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man! Buy a U.S.A.-themed Ghostbusters shirt! And if this all seems familiar, perhaps it’s because Ghostbusters had a theatrical run in 2011. This is my favorite line from Ghostbusters, just so you’re aware: “Boy, the superintendent’s gonna be pissed!”


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