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Ghostbusters, Suicide Squad, and, um, Willem Dafoe win big at the Kids’ Choice Awards

(Photo: Sony)

You may have thought awards season was over, but Nickelodeon handed out its Kids’ Choice Awards this weekend, proving that some childhoods may have actually been improved by the Ghostbusters reboot. Paul Feig’s film was named Favorite Movie while stars Melissa McCarthy and Chris Hemsworth got Favorite Movie Actress and Actor, respectively.

Elsewhere, the recipient list is filled with curiosities. For instance, Snowball, a bunny voiced by Kevin Hart in The Secret Life Of Pets, was declared Most Wanted Pet. Additionally, as Billy Eichner pointed out on Twitter, Willem Dafoe—the same one that starred in Platoon and Antichrist—received the prize for #Squad alongside his fellow Finding Dory voice cast members. This shouldn’t seem that strange. After all, the man starred in the Spider-Man franchise. Still, it’s jarring.


Speaking of squads, it turns out that America’s youth also loves collaborations between Rick Ross and Skrillex: Suicide Squad won Favorite Soundtrack, so now that film has an Oscar and a blimp. What a world. You can see the full list of winners over at Billboard.


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