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Ghostbusters returning to theaters to trick you into supporting a sequel

Before Dan Aykroyd gets the opportunity to realize his dreams of bringing back the Ghostbusters you know and love, hobbling them before your very eyes, then scattering their brittle bones to a pack of younger, hungrier new wolves, at least you’ll have the chance to say a proper goodbye with a theatrical re-release of the 1984 original. As first teased on its official Facebook page and confirmed by the posting of the below trailer, Ghostbusters returns to theaters this October—as Ain’t It Cool notes, most likely to gauge audience interest in actually seeing the franchise continue in another sequel that Aykroyd promises will happen anyway, whether or not you or Bill Murray want it. So you’re being pulled in by both love and marketing research, a crossing of the streams that leaves us fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing.

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