Lauded documentary Room 237 works because The Shining director Stanley Kubrick was so meticulous and borderline insane that audiences will entertain some of the more crackpot theories picking apart every seemingly insignificant detail of his films. But what about other, less densely packed or painstakingly constructed films, like, say, Ghostbusters? Films like that are just as deserving of methodical analysis leading to theories that Slimer is a metaphor for artificial food ingredients giving kids ADD, or the Ghostbuster symbol equating psychokinetic energy with the tobacco industry. Directed by Ivo Shandor—and featuring “interviews” with a members of the production crew who aren’t alive anymore—the trailer for Spook Central posits one ridiculous theory after another in a wonderful send-up of giving every single little choice in a film the weight of significant meaning. Not that we wouldn’t watch a 90-minute documentary on Ghostbusters theories. That would actually be preferable to that third film that continues to languish in development hell.